Tuesday, December 24, 2013

COMC: Kershaw edition !

A few times a year I love to browse on the COMC site so the announcement of some Black Friday discounts lured me to the site again. The package arrived earlier this week. Here are the new Kershaw additions to my PC !!

The best card was by far a great autographed card from Kershaw's early days. I was very surprised by the cheapness of the card, given it was numbered to only 25 !! Maybe because it it a Tristar...myself I don't care much and love to get my hands on these even if it's Tristar or Panini.

Talking about Panini, here's one, 2011 Limited with Matt Kemp ! I also picked-up a cool Topps Finest !

Two more beauties ! A Museum Collection parallel and a nice Tribute !

I also found a few Triple Threads, let's start with the base card parallels !

To finish off the Kershaw overview I picked-up two relic cards, both from the Triple Threads set !

That's it for the Kershaw edition, be on the look-out for some more COMC posts on Glavine, Rizzo and Sabathia !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. At one time I had two of the three signatures on that one card. Then I traded away the Brad James card. I'll never trade away the Kershaw autos. :)

  2. Can't go wrong with a Phillie! Got a Lee jersey for Christmas this year from good friends.

  3. I have mixed feelings about Kershaw since he plays on my team's biggest rival, but he is a great pitcher!

  4. Kershaw is a beast, great stuff! I planned on joining the contest but the second I saw the autograph of his available in the giveaway was when I immediately jumped to it!

  5. If you are ever in the mood to move some Kershaw I would love a crack at it