Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gypsy Queen, box 1 !

Gypsy Queen ! Each year I have my GQ "tradition", that is opening 3 boxes of Gypsy Queen. This year was no different !! As the blogosphere is already swamped with base cards let me stick to the "hits" !

Here's box 1, starting with the Auto's !!

Locke is already claimed but the Eaton is for trade ! I was in luck with this box as instead of 2 autos it actually contained 3 autos !! It's Oil Can Boyd, a cool one for my pitcher collection !

The two relic cards were actually pretty cool !! A great Lincecum for my Lincecum PC and a awesome Encarnacion numbered to only 10 !!

Two blue-framed cards in each box, here's Jones and Killebrew !

To finish the overview look at two cool minis ! I love minis, here are McCann and Choo !

That was it for box 1, by on the look-out for box 2 tomorrow ! My Want list should be up soon, will be chasing the full base card set and the minis !!


  1. That was actually pretty good box. Broke the odds by getting the extra auto and patch card. I'm opening some more 2013 GQ this weekend. I should be able to help you with your minis in our next trade

  2. Nice box, that Oil Can Boyd auto is great! The mini patch is pretty cool as well. Congrats.

  3. Very nice box. That E-5 patch is sick!