Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Bob Walk the Plank trade !!

A few days ago I showed you my 2nd trade with Max, today I will show a 2nd trade with Matt at Bob Walk the Plank ! Matt had a few more cards for me in store and I had some more Pirates for him ! Here's the loot !!

Let's start with the coolest card, a Gary Sheffield "base" card. Just to stress, this is not a simple "base card" but actually has a piece of a "base" as a relic ! My first "base" relic card in my collection !!

Next up a bunch of minis, Matt send me a pile of 2013 Gypsy Queen minis. I am still trying to complete the minis set so this was a big help ! If you have any for trade do let me know !!

Matt also send me some cool Prizm cards, here's Kershaw and Rizzo !

A cool Sabathis was also included, here he is as an Indian ! Let's hope he will improve his game this year.

Another cool relic card, one of the few players of the Dutch team, Andruw Jones, and Pettitte !

Two more Yankee cards, Rivera and Jeter !

Last up, a cool Kershaw and a nice Sabathia !

That was it, another awesome package, thanks very much Matt. I hope I pull you some Pirates when I break some Gypsy Queen next week !


  1. Nice trade. Have your cards ready to ship just need your address. Shoot me an email with it.

  2. Glad you liked everything! Looking forward to the next trade.