Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gypsy Queen Break, Box 3 !

Time to show-off Gypsy Queen box 3, again focussing on the "hits" !! Here we go !!
Let's start with the auto's ! Here's Kickham and Flores, not the greatest autos but oke...

Here are the two relic cards, Brown and Freeman, actually like the Freeman card !

The blue-framed cards, Clemente and Glavine, yes Glavine !!!!! Best pull of the box for me !!

Last-up, the numbered minis, Ross, Montero and Rodney !

That was it for my 3 Gypsy Queen boxes this year, not bad but not great either. I am chasing the full set of base and minis, including all the inserts and have plenty for trade so if you are up to it, let's trade !!


  1. Love the Freeman! I hope to pick up one hobby box soon so perhaps we can help each other out w/ our sets.

  2. A great way to start the 2014 GQ chase!
    A pack filled with Glavine cards will soon be on its way to The Netherlands!

    best regards from Italy