Friday, April 18, 2014

Gypsy Queen Break, Box 2 !

Time for Box 2 of my Gypsy Queen Break. I will again stick to the "hits". Here they are !!
Let's start with some minis !! Fujikawa, Lake, Davis and Cingrani, a Cubs and Reds hot box ?

The two relics of the box were Simmons,great for my Dutch team collection, and Tulowitzki !

Here are the auto's, starting with a Yankee, Phelps !!

Mike Minor was also present with a pretty cool card !!

The box also contained 2 blue-bordered cards, Pedroia and Sabathia !

Those were the highlights of box 2, be on the look-out for box 3 tomorrow !


  1. Nice pulls. Will be opening 2 boxes of 13 Gypsy Queen tomorrow with Matt from Bob Walk the Plank. Hopefully get some decent hits.

    1. Nice, enjoy the box break and hope you get some good pulls !

  2. it always amazes me the great Braves pulls non Braves fans get. Grrrr.......

    nice break.

  3. Auto/relic of minor - not bad.

  4. I echo Captain Canuck's response. Did you're other box contain a Mike Minor relic too?