Saturday, June 14, 2014

Talking about an awesome start !!!

Yeah baby, revenge is ours !! No I am not talking about our Dutch Hockey team below that is going to play the final of the world cup this afternoon (I expect them to win of course, go girls !!)

I am talking about Soccer !!! Robin van Persie !!!! Arjen Robben !!! We crushed world champion Spain last night in the openings match...5-1 !!!! Hope this is going to be another fun ride for the Dutch Team !!!

So after tonight, in addition to Bert Blyleven, we have another Flying Dutchman, Robin van Persie. I would recommend googling for yesterday's goals !!

Oh yes, it's in !!

The Flying Dutchman

Here's van Persie's only appearance in a baseball set, 2013 Allen & Ginter !

I am already looking forward to our next game on Wednesday against Australia. In the mean time, tonight it's Italy against England ! That should be another great match to watch !!

Wish us luck, hope we are heading for the final again !!


  1. That first picture is click bait. And I like it.

    1. yes, I am also frequently reviewing my own post today :-)

  2. that second photo of van Persie is the wallpaper on my phone.

  3. That was a manhandling yesterday of Spain. It wasn't even pretty.....if you cheer for Spain. Otherwise, it was a thing of beauty.

  4. Great win for Spain, and after yersterday's game, I feel confident also about Italy!
    Go Netherland and Go Italy!

  5. Dutch magic ! It should have been the result 4 years ago. So over the gushing of Spain - their just not that good. So far, it been a great World Cup.

  6. Since Van Goal traded Arsenal for ManUtd I started not liking him =P
    But..that flying goal was the best of the Wrold Cup so far! And I think will be in the end!