Friday, June 27, 2014

Topps Delivers again !!

Quick post as I am swamped, aprtly due to work, partly due to the World Cup !! Holland is doing great, let's hope the fun continues for a while. This morning a thick envelop arrived at my doorstep, one from Topps. I am beginning to like Topps because this is what they send me !!

First up,a signed Black Bowman from this year's set !!

Topps also included two cool Museum Collection cards !!

That's it. Happy to see my Glavine collection growing nice and steady ! In case you are still waiting for me when it comes to a trade: I have not forgotten, just a bit swamped at the moment !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. The Glavine numbered to 5 is Beautiful!And the bowman is also great looking!
    Congrats also for the dutch soccer team, the italians should take some lessons
    Best regards

  2. TOPPS RULES!!! Their customer service is outstanding. It's amazing how one company can go out of their way to help customers while another company treats them like crap.

  3. Once I asked Topps if they would deliver in Europe and they told me a big no-no..

    1. Try Once Again.. They will surely figure-out a way..