Sunday, June 22, 2014

In celebration of Kershaw's no-hitter !

Quick post today. It has been hectic here, amongst others with work and the World Cup Soccer, so it has been difficult to find the time to post some new stuff. A few days ago of course we had my favourite pitcher, Kershaw, throw a no-hitter !! If there is one guy deserving it it's Kershaw so I am very happy for him. So in celebration of this great achievement here's my latest addition to my Kershaw PC !! A cool Panini Pastime Impact Inkt !!
Furthermore, my quest for the complete 2011 Gypsy Queen auto set continues. Here's my latest addition, DeJesus, still a big bunch to go so if you have any for trade let me know !!

Thanks for the visit today ! I try to regain my activeness in the coming 2 weeks, although with the World Cup and three matches a day I can't make any promisses :-) Let's go Holland !!

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