Thursday, June 5, 2014

Indiana Jones, Soccer and some Baseball !!

In the last 2 years I have gradually expanded my network when it comes to basebal collectors. Sadly enough we also lost a few good ones along the way, as they moved a way for the hobby (hopefully only tempararily, expecting you back Kyle :-)). Although baseball card collection is mostly a US "thing" my network in Europe is also growing nicely. Recently I came in contact with someone from Sweden, a first for me !!

Rasmus is a box breaker and I decided to shoot him a box of cards, a return packaged arrived a few days ago, a package with a lot of fun stuff !! Rasmus doesn't have a blog yet but he does have his own YouTube channel with box breaks so check it out here !

First up, an unopened pack, always great fun !! This one was an Indiana Jones, a set I had never seen before which increased the fun further. 

 Unpacking the pack resulted in some interesting Indy cards. No Harrison Ford as, on closer inspection, this was a Young Indiana Jones pack ! Here's two of the cards included in the pack.

Here's Young Indy himself, I think !

Let's move to sportscards !! Here's a black-bordered Rivera numbered to 63, the card that got this trade started !

Rasmus is a big Triple Threads box breaker and these are very cool additions to my Yankees PC !!

Rasmus also included a bunch of soccer cards !! Here van Persie !! Really hope he will be awesome during this WorldCup in a few days time, we need it !!!

He also added some Topps flagship inserts, still need a bunch so these are very welcome !!

Here's some more cool cards !! Two Yankee pitchers !!

Lastly, let's finish of with a real #1/1 card he include !!

Thanks a bunch for the cool cards Rasmus, looking forward to a future trade !!


  1. I hope Robin is back fit in time... it'll be extra tough after losing van der Vaart.
    Cillessen had better have the tourney of his life.

  2. I hope you enjoyed the mixed package and that some of it fits into your collection. :)