Monday, November 10, 2014

2011 Gypsy Queens !!

As some of you might know I am trying to complete the 2011 framed mini-relic set. To me this is the best looking framed mini set of Gypsy Queen in recent years and the 2011 set has something special about it. I have had a nice start although it's getting a little harder now. As I only started like 6 months ago I have seen a lot not popping up on eBay. These relics also do not pop-up in trade bait lists often. Nevertheless, in recent weeks I was able to add a few !!!

Here they are ! First up, Larkin !!!

Next up, mister Mets (to me at least) David Wright !!

Last, but certainly not least, Robinson !!! Awesome card in my view !!

So 3 more in my quest to complete the relic set !! IF you have any for trade please check out my GQ list (the ones pictured I own!).

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Hey Jeroen! Great cards as usual, the Robinson is amazing!
    You should soon receive a base card from the 2011 GQ set, together with some Glavine cards for you're awesome PC!
    Best regards from Italy

  2. I have some leftover Yankees cards you may like, just check my latest post and ask me or email me at:

    I would love to work out a trade!