Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Italian Trade !!

No, this is not a post on my favourite Italian-roots PC guy Anthony Rizzo. This is a post about my favourite Italian baseball card collector Riccardo from the blog Chasing Completeness ! We have done some trades before and after these cards it's clearly my turn again to send a package to Italy !! Check out his blog if you have not seen it yet !!

Let's have a look at the cards Riccardo send me ! First up, 1975 and 1979 Topps !!! I am chasing all sets so these are cool additions !!

Minis !!! Riccardo also included Minis !! Let's start with some cool ones from 1988 !

More Minis, these from Topps 1990 !!! Canseco and Larkin, Superstars !!

Riccardo also included a cool GQ 2011 ! I am still trying to complete the base set so this is a great addition !! Glavine was also included !!!

Two more cool cards to finish it off !! Rivera and Glavine !!!

Riccardo send a bunch more cards so all in all an awesome package !! Thanks so much Riccardo, a return package will be on its way soon !!


  1. always great to know more European collectors.
    Nice cards!

  2. Is this that European Stock Exchange the times keeps talking about? ;). And those minis are from the UK (I believe) no less. Cool cards :).