Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Flying Dutchman !!

My collection of the Flying Dutchman, Bert Blyleven, has been on hold in bit in recent months as I focussed mostly on Glavine, Kershaw and Rizzo. Blyleven has also not been in many sets this year so not much new material to chase anyways. But now and then I do come across a nice Blyleven card I am still missing in my collection. Here's my latest, a 2005 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts card !!

If any of you have a cool Blyleven card for trade let me know, always happy to trade !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!


  1. For a split second I thought you were going to show us a sweet cut-autograph of Honus Wagner. That Blyleven is pretty sweet though ;).