Saturday, December 20, 2014

Breaking some Stadium Club !

I have been impressed with the (re)launch of Stadium Club this year. Great cards with some cool photos being used, probably the best photos used in any of the sets. After reading all my fellow blogger's comments and review of Stadium Club in recent week I finally gave in and ordered 3 boxes of Stadium Club !! The boxes arrived yesterday and here's the loot !!

Let's start with the "hits". Here's box 1, a Yankees "hotbox". As I wasn't expecting to break any boxes I had already gotten these two Yankees autos from eBay in recent weeks for a few dollars so both these are for trade in case anyone is interested ! Chris Owings I had to look up to be honest...

The 2nd box included a "Dutch" Auto in the form of Schoop !! The other two I had to look-up as well...

I like this cool Gonzalez, numbered to only 50. It was combined with two more rookies.

All in all, fun autos from mostly, to me, unknown players but this break was never about the "hits" for me and really all about the base sets and some cool inserts. So let's move to the inserts !! Let's start with Legends !! Great inserts so definitely going to try to complete this one !!

Next up, Luminous inserts, 3 fit together so I guess it's a large puzzle !

Next up, Beam Team inserts. I guess these have color variations as well as I pulled two different Tanaka cards...

More inserts were included in Stadium Club, meet the Future Stars !

Even more insert are in this set. Here's Field Access with my favourite Pitcher, Kershaw !!

The box had a variety of parallels as well. I am not a big fan of coloured parallels as it makes my life as a player collector way too complex. Still, it is what it is so we have to deal with it :-)) Anyways, I am not going to chase all the parallels in this set, only the Kershaw, Rizzo, Sabathia and Rivera ones. So all others are for trade. I have a small pile of "black" parallels (not sure if they are called "black" ones but instead of "silver/grey" the text is in a black frame) so if you are looking for any let me know !

In addition the the "black" parallels I noticed two "glittery" ones (also here no clue what they are called, rainbow maybe?). Clearly these seem to be rarer compared to the "black" ones.

Last parallels seem to be the "gold" ones, or at least in my box. They are one per hobby box, or at least in the three I opened.

That was it, all in all I had a lot of fun opening these boxes and it helped my complete the base set. Still, I would like to complete the Stadium Club inserts (and color variation of my PC guys) so happy to set up a trade and let me know if you are looking for any specific cards from this set !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. That Clemente card is pretty nifty looking. I, too, think Stadium Club's photo selection was the best of any of the sets from this year.

  2. I would be very interested in the Solarte and Anna, along with the Owings and Schoop (in order from greatest interest to least.) I'm also interested in one of those Tanakas. Let me know if they are available. Overall, I think You did okay, nice break!

  3. Beautiful product. Congratulations on completing your set.

  4. Two D-Backs autos. Can't get much better than that!