Saturday, December 13, 2014

I have been Zippy Zapped !

Yesterday I received a big yellow bubble mailer from Kenny H who most of you know by the name Zippy Zappy from the blog Cervin Up Cards ! Kenny reached out to me a while back and a cool trade was quickly born ! Here's what Kenny send me !

Let's start with some cool Sega CardGen cards !! I have never owned one but always have been intrigued by them, probably given they are Japanese. Also, I know Sega as a game console so think it's fun they have cards as well ! Kenny actually send me two, Rizzo and Sabathia !!

Not sure if they are from the same set and/or if the white or black background is a parallel or not but in any event I like these !! Next up, two beautiful cards, really like the Cano card and the Sabathia is not bad either !

Vintage !! Vintage was included as well with this 1972 Topps Rookie Stars !! Don't know any of them but still, looks like a great card !

Some cool Andy Pettitte cards were also included, SPx and Sports Illustrated !!

Kenny also include a bunch of Sabathia Parallel cards ! Given the lack of Target, Wallmart, Toys 'R US shops and others it is very hard for me to get my hands on these parallels so these are very much appreciated Kenny !!

A pack of 2010 Upper Deck was also included, or so I thought. Always fun when people send me unopened packs because I love "breaking wax"! However, I noticed this one had already been opened and Kenny had put in some cool cards to replace the UD 2010 cards, a wise choice !!

Here were two that were included in the pack, Glavine and Verlander !!

To finish off the overview here are two more from the pile that Kenny send me, Flair Greats and a cool Swisher card !!

Thanks very much Kenny for the awesome cards !! Hope you like what I have send you in return and looking forward to our next trade !!


  1. I got Zippy Zapped yesterday. My head is still spinning.

  2. Glad you liked the cards :).

    As for the Rizzo & CC, they're from the same set (2013 SCG), but CC has a black border because he has more than 5 stars.

    1. Cool, learning something new ! Thanks again for the trade !

  3. I need to invest in one of those Sega games and bring it to the US.