Saturday, December 27, 2014

Trade with Frankie !

A while back I was contacted by Frankie at My Life in the Sports Card Hobby. He was looking for a trade and you can always wake me up for a trade !! The trade took a long while to kick-off and I was completely to blame for it as I have been swamped by work, study and other stuff (sorry Frankie!!). Anyways Frankie was much quicker than I was so his package arrived earlier this week. Here are a couple of the cool cards Frankie send my way !

Let's start with my favourite, still active, pitcher, Kershaw !!

I love the Panini Pastime set and love the look and feel of this card !! Frankie also send me some more pitchers, here's Harvey and Robles (I had to look up who he was to be honest). It's a cool bowman mini numbered to only 50 !

A Yankee was included in the pack as well, Catcher Gary Sanchez. Let's hope he has a good year this year !

Frankie also included a nice Museum Collection card. Great set and a great card !

The last card of the pack was a cool All-star Stiches of Kershaw !!

Thanks a bunch Frankie for a cool trade !


  1. eh I wouldn't say I was quicker, let's say we were both slow hahaha. I'm glad you liked the cards, I wish I could've packaged them a little better, but I was in a little rush. Sorry about that!

  2. Thanks again ! Return package left the station a few days ago !