Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Wood !!

A few months back I was able to receive my first "wooden" card, a cool wooden mini of the Bert Blyleven Gypsy Queen card. Earlier this week I received my second wooden mini !! This time one for my main collection: Glavine !!!

Here it is !!

Love the look and feel of this one !! Any of you lucky enough to pull or own a wooden mini ??


  1. I grabbed one of Nelson Cruz. Pretty cool cards...I would really be intrigued to see a full-size card with the wood grain!

    1. Full size would be interesting to see :-) dont expect Topps to go there to be honest but who knows !

  2. Just found the silver framed 1/1 of Tommy woohoo!!

  3. Nice one, forgot to bid for the GQ one so you got it at a nice price :-)