Thursday, August 27, 2015

A pile of Ginter from the Dimwit !!

A while back I pulled a cool Astros Allen & Ginter card. Of course I think we all know only one Astros collector hence this card was destined to go to him. Who's him, our Daily Dimwit of course ! He send me a huge pack of cards in return, almost completing me base set and taking a huge dent out of my inserts and mini needs !!

Let's see what Sam send me ! Let me check over the huge pile of base cards and jump right into the minis !!! Sam send me a ple of minis inserts !!!

Some animals were present as well !! Love the Birds of Prey set !

More Minis including a cool Sabathia !!

Might get boring but more inserts to see here, a dinosaur !!

And then some !!

All in all a huge pile of A&G so thanks very much Sam, hope you enjoy the Astros card !!

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