Sunday, August 16, 2015

Topps Series 2 Arrives !! Plenty to trade !

With a bit of delay and a holiday in between I finally was able to open up some packs of Series 2 ! As the blogosphere has already been swamped by all the base cards let me focus on the more interesting stuff for you guys and girls !

First up, my first ever pull of a "framed" card (these are numbered to 20). Not one of my PC guys but still a fun card to pull, meet Jon Niese !

Next-up a few of the numbered parallels: Michael Morse (/64), Gavin Floyd (/64), Jay Bruce (/99) and Delmon Young (/50).

I also pulled my first "Acatete" cards as I think they are called (or simply look-through cards). These are numbered to only 10 so pretty hard to find I guess. Have a look-through Elian Herrera !

Two relic cards found their way to me, Hamilton and Gonzalez !

In addition to the cards above I pulled loads of gold-parallel cards and rainbow variations. The last "hit" of the box was an auto card ! Meet Yordano Venture !

That was Topps Series 2 for me this year. Like every year I will chase the full set including all the inserts so let me know if you have anything lying around collecting dust !! Always happy to trade in case you are looking for stuff or are interested in any of the cards above. My Series 2 Want List is up as well !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. If you're interested in trading that Hamilton relic, I would be happy to take it off your hands. Here's my trade bait ( and my hits up for trade ( Let me know if I have anything that will work in a trade!

  2. Hi DCG - I'm collecting Series 2 as well so am sure we can sort something out. I have plenty more 2015 for trade. Be great to trade with you again. Best wishes from Nottingham. Matt

    1. Cool, where can i find your Want List so i can check it out for you ?