Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Allen & Ginter box 3 !!

After the huge hit in the last Allen & Ginter box, i.e. the George Springer booklet, I am looking forward to box 3, my final box of this year's A&G ! This one will be a quick overview so not much comments, just sit back and enjoy the pictures !

First-up, the box topper, here's Castillo !!

Minis, more minis !!!

More minis !!!

Here's a cool, bird !!

The two "hits" of the box, Pederson and Pujols !! Not bad at all !!

Two of the 10th Anniversary cards, as said, I like the framed ones but couldn't care less about these others...

A rower's relic !!

More inserts !!

Two more inserts, Jetpacks and the Gaunlets !!

Last card of the box, the Fall of the Berlin Wall !!

That's it for this year's A&G ! Hopefully my Want List will be up already or up soon so do reach out for a trade !!

1 comment:

  1. Man, I just went back and looked at that Springer. What a great card. Great names in the box too. Can't go wrong with Pederson and Pujols.