Monday, August 31, 2015

Strata !!!

Quick post today with my latest Sabathia card. My Sabathia PC has been less of a focus in the last 2 years, clearly impacted by his disappointing performances (of course it shouldn't have too much of an effect on my collection habits but I do see a much stronger focus/drive on Glavine, Rizzo and Kershaw on my end). Well, let's have a look at the new addition !

Here it is, Topps Strata ! Actually a pretty cool card !!

How about you guys, do you notice that performance of the players you collect has an impact5 on your efforts that your our putting in for that specific collection ?


  1. It doesn't have much of an impact for me. In fact it probably makes me buy more. After Jason Bay failed with the Mets I went back and got a bunch of high end releases because prices went down.

    Also, when Gregory Polanco struggled last year I bought just about every certified auto I could find.

    1. you are right, pricing dropped a lot...but still...can't help myself wondering off to my Rizzo, Glavine, Kershaw, Blyleven collection constantly

  2. Great pick up and I tend to agree that sometimes low performance makes me not want to acquire certain players

  3. I've picked up a ton of Jon Singleton cards on the cheap ever since his extended slump began. I don't know if he'll ever materialize into the prospect he could have been and I'm pretty sure I'm just throwing money away at this point, but I'm having fun and in the end they are all just little bits of cardboard.

  4. Very nice. There are quite a fair number of pretty decent Yankees in the Strata set.

  5. That's a nice CC auto, for sure. I see what you mean about the player performance dragging down my interest in collecting certain players. I used to collect any and every Nick Swisher card I could get my hands on, not just because he was a Yankee but he was really good as well. While I'm still a fan of his, with him playing in Atlanta and relatively poorly, I don't buy anything of his anymore.