Friday, October 16, 2015

Kershaw & Rizzo !!

I am really enjoying the play-offs this year ! Cool games, lots of stuff going on and the Cubs doing well and bringing some excitement ! This does, however, mean that one of my key players I collect is out. Despite a solid appearance of Kershaw, the Dodgers are out, kicked out by the Mets. So my latest Kershaw card might be the last we see of Clayton this year !! At least it's an awesome card and also numbered to only 25 !

On the flip side, the Cubs are on a roll !! A great and fun team to watch with lots of passion and a good shot of winning this year. Rizzo is playing his part with a few play-off homers already. I hope he can go all the way with the Cubs this year !! Here is my latest Rizzo card, a A&G silk one !!

You all enjoying the play-offs ? Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. The playoffs have been excellent so far. I'm rooting for the Cubs at this point, but I was really glad to see Kershaw kind of turn his playoff luck around before the Dodgers were eliminated. He always seemed to get a bad rap.