Thursday, October 1, 2015

Let's RIP it !!!

Last week I showed you a RIP card, a Rizzo RIP card, an unripped RIP card !! The only proper thing to do with a RIP card, in my book, would be to RIP it !! Of course this is what will happen tonight ! As a reminder, here is the Rizzo RIP card I got through a recent trade with Matt.

As you can see, a beautiful card in an unripped state !!!

Well, it looks different now as it has been ripped !! Last year I actually pulled a mini-RIP card in which a 1/1 mini was hidden. Let's see what this year has in store for me ! Here it is, the hidden treasure......

........wait for it .................................

Boom ! or actually...what a bust....after last year's big hit this year ends pretty disappointing. In the end a pretty expensive ripped Rizzo card for my Rizzo collection (and a likely big relief for Matt not having Ripped this one himself !!). The extended mini is for trade of course !

Anyways, I am counting on better luck next year !


  1. Well that was anti-climactic.

    But you could've done worse. Plus at least now you can rest easy at night knowing that regardless of if you had kept it unripped, it was still just going to house an unexciting Hosmer mini.

    Because it's not like the card(s) inside these rip cards or packs in general change until we finally open them... right?

    1. I don't know. Sometimes I feel like if I wait a little longer than I'd like to open a pack, then I'll be rewarded for my patience. (Example: the Hosmer would have have been a mini metal parallel of Kershaw or Verlander. You know, not that anyone we know likes either of those two guys.)

  2. Bummer man. Though I am glad I got to see what was inside. I've ripped my fair share of these and have had zero luck with them. Probably 5 out of 5 extension minis. Some were decent names, but still... not exactly what you're looking for when you dive into these. Thanks again for the wonderful trade!

    1. No worries, at least we had some fun with it ! Thanks for the trade !