Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A huge trade, part 2 !!

A few days ago I showed you the first part of one of my largest trades in my collecting history, a trade with Matt at Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits. Today it's time for part 2 !! As said the best was still to come.

First up, an Allen & Ginter John "Mule" Miles auto card. I love the look and feel of this card.  Wikipedia gives the following background on John:

John "Mule" Miles (August 11, 1922 – May 24, 2013) played with the Chicago American Giants of the Negro League from 1946-1949.[2] Nicknamed the "Mule" by his manager Candy Jim Taylor after hitting two home runs in one ball game. Taylor commented that Miles "hit like a mule kicks". Miles is legendary for hitting 11 home runs in 11 straight games. John Miles played alongside baseball stars Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige and Monte Irvin. 

He performed at Yankee Stadium, the Polo Grounds, Comiskey Park, and Griffith Stadium among others. Miles was inducted into the Texas Black Sports Hall of Fame in Dallas, Texas on November 4, 2000. He was inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame at the Alamo Dome on February 7, 2003. Mr. Miles is an original Tuskegee Airman Member of the San Antonio Chapter at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.

On June 5, 2008, Miles and 29 other former living Negro League players were "drafted" by each of the 30 Major League Baseball teams in a recognition of the on-field achievements and historical relevance of 30 mostly forgotten Negro League stars. He was picked by the Seattle Mariners.

That's it for Wiki class today ! Meet my latest cool Allen & Ginter card !!

Next-up, the card that starting all of this !! Yes, a 2015 Allen & Ginter RIP card !!!! A Anthony Rizzo RIP card !!!!! UNripped !!!!

Numbered to only 25 it is a awesome addition to my Rizzo collection !

Although this means the end of a great trade it does not mean the end of the problem....because what do we we rip it or not !!!! Last year was easy, I didn't collect the player on the card so than we simply RIP !! but this is Rizzo, can we hurt Rizzo ??!?!

What do you guys think, to RIP or not to RIP ?


  1. Awesome Mule autograph!

    As for the Rizzo, rip it. I'm sure Rizzo has bigger things to worry about like trying to defeat Cardinals Devil Magic than a Netherlander ripping his card.

  2. I say don't rip. It'll probably be an anticlimactic parallel of some player you don't care about. But unripped, it's fun to think about what it could be.

  3. Mule Miles was the man, I got a great TTM success from him before he passed away. Rip cards were meant to be ripped, and as long as you are gentle with it Anthony should be okay... he's a tough guy.