Friday, December 14, 2012

A sign of life from a retired collector !

One of my closer baseball card friends (and maybe yours as well!) retired from the hobby a few months back, Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside. I always liked his group breaks, his willingness to help others out and his passion for the hobby so it was a shame to see him leave the scene. To my surprise a package arrived from Kyle earlier this week with an awesome card, a card a completely forgot about. Month and month ago, or actually I think when Series 1 came out, I send Kyle all my wrappers and he entered the wrapper redemption program for me (as europeans are not allowed to enter for whatever reason!). After a bit of trading Kyle arranged the following beauty for me.........

A great thick card, nice and shiny, cut on both sides. Really likes this card and a great addition to my Rivera PC !! Kyle, if you are still checking out the baseball card blogs now and then and happen to see this post: Thanks a bunch again !! Hope life is treating you well !!

Thanks for visiting my blog, be on the look-out for another group break loot post tomorrow !


  1. I have some of the Rangers. Those are nice and thick!

  2. Great looking card! These cards are really thick. I know why relic cards are thick, but I always scratch my head when other cards are abnormally thick.

  3. yeah, JABO was a GReat blog. Ran some cool breaks too.