Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two new Glavines !

In the last week life has clearly been too busy and that all went at the expensive of my blog hence I haven't been able to post some cool cards. Hopefully in the next few weeks I should have some time to put up some more posts. Let's start with a quick one today, 2 new Glavine relics !!

The first one a 2004 Diamond Kings Jersey and Bat card, numbered to only 100. Not sure why but I really like these bat cards !
I was also able to pick up a 2004 Playoff Honors card. I did notice it really looks like the 2004 Leaf relic card I also own (see my Glavine Overview), only the colour and logo is different, a shame they couldn't be more original.....
That's it for today, thanks for the visit and enjoy the rest of the weekend !! Tomorrow a few new Kershaw cards !!


  1. I like the design of the Diamond King. It's a shame, though, they used the alt black jersey. That thing is ugly.

  2. I agree with Jeff. The design is nice, but the black jersey really doesn't fit well.

  3. I too like the Diamond King design, but I think it's great that the jersey swatch matches the jersey Glavine is wearing in the photo...I mean painting.

  4. at least the black jersey matches the one he is wearing in the picture...