Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Night Owl Loot Arrives !!

I recently show-cased some Dodger cards I received through a box break and Greg at Night Owl Card quickly responded with interest in several of the cards. A trade was quickly born and earlier this week I received a pile of cool cards from Greg in the mail, awesome additions to my A&G and GQ needs as well as several cards for my player/pitcher collections ! Have a look !

First up an awesome 2009 Goodwin Champions black-border mini of Kershaw !!! Really cool card and a great addition to my Kershaw PC !

More pitchers were included ! Here's my first Panini Triple Play "sticker card" as well as a nice Orange Lincecum refractor !

Greg also send my some 2011 Gypsy Queen, a set I have just began collecting so still need a lot of this set !

Allen & Ginter was also included, bringing me another step closer to completion !!! Maybe one of the first John Deere's in the corner there ?

Two more cool cards, one celebrating Jeters 3000s hit and a nice Kershaw !

All in all this was just a small selection so thanks very much for the trade Greg ! Looking forward to the next one !


  1. Excellent! Always happy they get there.

    I love that black-bordered Kershaw, too.

  2. Night Owl Loot is a great title! I love the Sweet Spot base cards!

  3. yep, loot from a Hoot is always cool.

  4. that triple play verlander is funny

  5. Night Owl should have plenty of Kershaw dupes for you.