Saturday, December 22, 2012

Trade with reader Patrick S. !!

I was recently contacted by blog reader Patrick S. who had some great cards for me in store. These greats cards arrived earlier this week, helping again to reduce the size of my Wantlist !! Here's a quick overview !

First-up, 2012 Minis !! I am really getting close to completing this set with only a few more to go so if you have any let's trade (I have plenty to trade) !!

Next up two great "cloth" cards from this year's Archives set !

Patrick send me even more minis, Gypsy Queen !! I have decided to chase the complete mini set here as well so hopefully can get my Want Lists in order asap on this front !!

One of the Gypsy Queen SPs !!! Only a few more to go to completion !!

and a few Archives, here as well I am nearing the end !!

I like the coloured-border variation of Gypsy Queen and Patrick was able to send me a nice Jeter !! I also like the GQ inserts this year, here is Gehrig !

Lastly, Patrick helped me with some of the Topps 2012 inserts. I still need a bunch so this was very helpful !

All in all a great trade that really helped me shorten my Want List. Many thanks Patrick for the trade, looking forward to the next one !!


  1. Love the Gypsy Queen cards shown. It looks like Jeter is having fun! The Ruth mini is awesome!