Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Sabathia additions !

My Sabathia collection has been moved a bit to the background in recent months with my focus being on Kerhsaw and Rizzo as well as Glavine (of course!) and Blyleven. However, last week I was able to pick up two cool new additions. Here's a cool, silk, Allen & Ginter card, numbered to only 10 !!

Also, a 2005 Leaf relic card, Patch off my Back, Sabathia as an Indian !

That's it for today, in case you have any spare Sabathia's always let me know and I am happy to set up a trade !!


  1. The Leaf patch is awesome! The jersey format is even cute.

  2. agree with Ana, that Leaf is too awesome!

  3. I remember the "shirt of my back" cards, but never the "Patch off my Back" cards! That's great!

  4. oh boy.... CC and his frame is back
    nice cards though