Saturday, August 24, 2013

Topps Redemptions, Part 2 !!

Topps Redemptions, I hear horror stories but I only have good experiences and this time was no different and by far the best one !! A few months ago Topps decided to put some Glavine redemptions in this year's Topps Tribute. Being a Glavine (super)collector and all I, of course, had the strong urge to get these in all its variations ! I didn't succeed completely as I am still missing the #/5 and the 1/1 as well as 3 of the printing plates but other than that I had a lot of luck getting my hands on some cool cards (redemptions). They all arrived in the mail last week !! Here they are !!

As you might notice the /25 is also still missing but Sam at the Daily Dimwit was awesome enough to help me get that one redeemed !!

Yes, the above is all a bit excessive, I know, but it's Glavine and I feel the urge to get a copy of all his cards !!!! (do we call this an addiction ??).

Thanks for visiting my blog today and if any of you see the 1/1, /5 or missing printing plates do let me know !!