Monday, August 5, 2013

Any Hellickson Collectors out there ?

As many of you know I collect all Kershaw cards, next to Glavine and Blyleven probably the key focus of my collection. Two weeks ago I was able to pick up a great Kershaw card from last year's Museum Collection. I didn't want to pass up this opportunity as the card was limited to only 15 copies so I was not sure I would ever get another chance to grab one. However, this card came with a catch, or actually 5 catches. The catch was that I could only buy the Kershaw card if I also bought 5 extra Jeremy Hellickson cards. All in all a good deal given the total price I paid for the 6 cards. These were great Hellickson cards as well, but.....I don't collect Hellickson cards. Therefore, I now officially have some cool Hellickson trade bait !! Any Hellickson or Tampa Bays Rays collectors out there ????

Let's start with the card that got it all started and the only cards of this pack that is not for trade !!

A really great card and a cool addition to my Kershaw PC !! Now let's move to the Trade Bait !! Two Tribute cards, one numbered to /15 and one to /25 !

Next up two Tribute cards from 2011, both numbered to /75 !

Lastly, a cool Museum Collection from 2012, numbered to only /25 !

That's it, make me some good offers and I am happy to trade these beauties !!


  1. Only Rays collector I know is the Troll at the Plate. That patch card is sick!!

  2. Wow! Those are awesome! Hellickson's autograph is unique and I like it, but it looks nothing like Jeremy Hellickson to me.

  3. Damn those are great looking. Another Kershaw hit