Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A New Awesome Glavine Mini !!

Recently a new Glavine mini popped up, a really cool one in my view and only numbered to 25 ! So I decided to contact the seller and we came to a cool deal. It arrived on my doorstep a few days ago !! Here it is, a 1989 mini with a new Relic !

This brings my Glavine count to the following:

At 18% now so loads more to go...I love this chase !! If you have any Glavines lying around let's set up a trade !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. I'm currently wafting through all of my Braves doubles, including my pc of Mr Tom. So send me an email to remind me and I'll pull mine and try to go through your wantlist.
    I hopefully will have a bunch for you....

  2. 512 auto cards for one player? how do you choose? and how do you find them all? does this include parallel autos? that is a sweet relic, though, it's bright.

    1. Yes, the 512 includes parallels! Will never complete it as it includes some 1-1s but i enjoy the chase !!