Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Series 1 arrives across the pond - Box 1 !!

My traditional start of the card collector year is to break 3 boxes of Series 1. A few days ago they finally arrived after seeing most of you already talking about it for 2 weeks or so on your blogs. therefore, I won't bore you with the base cards and will focus on the hits and inserts. Today it's time for box 1 and what a box it was !!! I have never had a "hit" of a player I actually collected so I was amazed and shocked when the hit of box 1 was a Glavine card, an auto Glavine card, an auto Glavine card numbered to only 50 and a beauty !!! Here it is !!! I like these Upper Class cards, especially when they have an Glavine auto on them !!

The best inserts this year, in my humble opinion, are the "before they were great". Here's Jackson and Garciaparra !

As said before, the Upper Class inserts are cool ! Look, another Glavine !!

Minis, I always love minis, even when a silly thing sticking out like this year's minis..and look, another Glavine !!

Vintage, I think this is Topps best "innovation" of 2014 and we are only in February !! I love finding some vintage cards "hidden" in between these 2014 base cards. My only small comment would be that they should have "butchered" these vintage cards by putting a Topps stamp on it, in my view at least.

I like these inserts as well, and look a guy playing for the Dutch team, Profar ! Twice !
Parallels, last year with had greenies, this year we have red. I really don't like them much but will still collect any parallel of the players I collect. All cards below are for trade !

Gold parallels were present as well, all for trade !

Lastly, one black parallel numbered to only 63, also for trade, preferably for the Kershaw to 63 :-)

That was box 1, a Glavine hot box !! All in all can't complain about this year's Series 1. Box 2 and 3 later this week !


  1. Always cool to pull a nice card of a player you collect so major kudos on the Glavine. I can say your Glavine PC officially kills mine now!

  2. Great Glavine hit for the Glavine collector
    If interested would love a chance at the Puig mini and red foil Marte
    Puig for me Marte for a buddy

  3. as a long time Glavine collector... I can safely say I am officially jealous.

    nice pulls bud. well done.

  4. Great pull! Love it when you get a PC card in a box!