Monday, February 24, 2014

Anyone knows Pastime Cards ?

So I picked up a signed Blyleven thinking it was part of Panini Pastime, given the Pastime title. However, when it arrived the Panini logo was nowhere to be found and the card indicated 2013 Pastime Collection: Enshired Edition. It also indicated a website:

Here is the card, back and front !

Anybody knows Pastime cards ??


  1. It looks like a homemade sticker on the back of a SGC graded card. I would bet if you check that sellers other auctions they are all stickers like that one on the back of different cards graded from SGC, Beckett, or PSA

  2. Pastime is one of those companies that repacks and resells. Like Tristar. Here's a link to the Blowout cards page with checklist and sell sheet links

  3. Can you say M I S L E A D I N G ! wow looks like stock 1982 Donruss signed and graded by SGC to me. If your not happy with it you might want to ask for your $ back was there a picture when you bought it.

    1. There actually was, i just thought it was part of Paninis Pastime sets but clearly it was not :-)