Monday, February 17, 2014

Opening a Pinnacle Box

I recently came across Pinaccle. Apparently, Panini decided to bring this brand to life and I decided to follow their lead and break one box. Are you curious we go !!

Each box has two "hits", here are mine, John Axford and Miguel Montero, not sure if I have seen them play, don't really know them...

The base cards are pretty plain, here's Kershaw and Rizzo !

Two more base cards, Rivera and Profar (playing for the Dutch team).

Let's have a look at some inserts, here's Kershaw again and Dickey !

Four more inserts ! These clear vision cards are cool. Slugfest and the Naturals aren't bad either !

I like the Swing for the Fences inserts as well, pretty cool cards !

Two more inserts to finish the box overview !

All in all I think Panini did a pretty good jump revamping Pinnacle ! Got a bunch of them available for trade !


  1. Great cards. Love the Jackson and Rivera. I have been thinking about picking up some Panini for the Yankees PC, but have held off for because of the no logo issues.

    I am probably going to change my stance on that though.

  2. I've had a few packs of these, the base cards are kind of boring , but I love the inserts !.

  3. This product makes me truly appreciate 90's Pinnacle inserts... especially Team Pinnacle and others of the Dufex variety.

  4. I like the R.A. Dickey and the Randy Johnson. It's a little hard to get past the lack of logos on some of the cards. It'd be nice if Panini could get an MLB license and play on a more level playing field with Topps.

  5. I love Pinnacle, and it hasn't gotten much buzz from the blogosphere. If they had licensed logos, it would've been the set of the year for me in 2013.