Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Panini Booklets...that's a first for me !

I really like what Panini did last year with Panini Pastime. A cool set with great look and feel. Booklets are also included in and some are even with some of my favourite players !! To me that means another chase and collecting is about the chase as well (for me at least) ! So here's my first Panini booklet, meet Glavine & Maddux !

Some more cool cards are included in this set and I was lucky to be able to pick up a cool Kershaw "Between the Seams". I think not a lot of people were paying attention yet to the Pastime cards that came out in the first few days...or people just don't like'em I guess, but I do !

Any of you like the Pastime set ?

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  1. I can't comment on the booklet style cards b/c I've actually never seen one in person, but I love the look of that Kershaw card.