Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fantasy Baseball: Expert Opinions wanted !!

I recent months I started getting a little baseball Fantasy fever. I have never played Fantasy baseball and recently read a book about it that made me really enthusiastic. Luckily, Matt at Once a Cub was looking for some players to join his league and I jumped at the opportunity. I guess Matt was happy have a rookie in the league as well so they can profit a bit from my likely mistakes at the start :-)

I had to pass on the live draft as it was in the middle of my night here in Europe. Still, I was able to set some preferences. Here's what I got through the snake draft !!

Catcher: Buster Posey (can't do much better here right?)
1B: Anthony Rizzo (had my PC guy a bit too high on the list I guess, first rookie mistake?)
2B: Jurickson Profar (some dutch influence!)
3B: Evan Longoria
SS: Xander Bogaerts (more dutch influence!)
OF: Billy Hamilton (got me some base stealing here !)
OF: Shane Victorino
OF: Curtis Granderson
Util: Brian McCann
Util: Aaron Hill
Bench: A. Cabrera
Bench: L. Martin
Bench: Mark Teixeira (should I put him in the team at the expense of Rizzo because bench players do not score you points right ?)
Bench: Carl Crawford (traded him for someone else, but can't find on the site for whom just yet :-) I was worried about his recent injury and the competition in the team at the moment)

SP: Tanaka (!!)
SP. Felix Hernandez
RP: Wacha
RP: David Robertson
P: Julio Teheran
P: C. Janssen
P: C. Archer
P: Matt Garza (traded him right away for someone else)
Bench: T. Ross

On the pitching side I am not sure if all the pitchers can score (besides the bench guy) or just the first 4 ?

Let me finish with a card, a cool new Kershaw. He was my first pick in my list but apparently I was not the first to pick and he was snatched away !

So any thoughts, tips, views, please let me know, I am complete new to this !


  1. well, profar's hurt, so put him in the DL slot, and you can pick up another player without dropping anyone. you should be able to slot bogaerts in 2b if it was done through yahoo.

    a lot depends on your league settings. most leagues are daily leagues, which you change the lineup every day. and then whoever's in an active position, you get credit for. then there's also a limit for each active slot (usually 162 games over the 181 day season), so keep your eye on that.

    the other thing to keep your eye on is innings limits.

    i can't tell you exactly how you did because it depends on the league format....rotisserie or head to head? how many teams? what are the categories?

    first glance is that you're solid in steals and runs, you may be hurting in rbis/hr, i only see 5 middle of the order hitters in the lineup and teixeira is iffy.

    for pitching, you have some real upside on the team, a little on the risky side, but you have the potential to dominate a couple pitching categories. if this is a rotisserie league, get rid of who you consider your lowest rated starter and pick up another closer. 2 is not enough to compete in that category.

    i'm always happy to discuss fantasy baseball strategies. i'm a veteran of playing 12 years in many different formats and league sizes (ranging from 4 to 16 teams). the way to win every league is is different. my best advice is to pay attention every day...15-20 minutes is all you need to manage a team reasonably well.

    good luck!

    1. Thanks Dan fort your insights ! It's head-to-head in a 10 team league. Agree that I might lack some good hitting, will be on the look-out for that ! Looking forward to my first year !