Saturday, March 1, 2014

Zippy Zap Trade !

A few days ago I received an awesome package, a package from Zippy Zappy Kenny at Cervinupcards ! Kenny expressed some interest in a few cards I showed and I got some great cards in return. Let's have a look ! First up, a Topps 1976 card !! As some of you might know it is the first "vintage" set I am trying to complete so this one is great, even if its a Red Sox card :-) One of my goals for 2014 is to try to get the 1976 set 75%+ complete so if you have any around let's trade !!

Kenny also send me an awesome Konami World Baseball Classic card from Japan with Sidney de Jong from the Dutch Team !! He even included a translation of the back of the card, thanks Kenny !

Next up, minis !!!! I love minis and these two I still missed for my A&G set !! Kenny also added a Sepia GQ Cano mini, great card !

Next up a few Opening Day cards I still needed for my set !!

Yes ! More Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, still over 4500 to go so keep'em coming !!

Here is a cool Bowman Chrome mini, didn't know they existed but I like them ! Also, a awesome Jeter, hope he has a great final season !!

Kenny added 1 relic card, Teixeira ! Furthermore, a cool young Betances !

Kenny also included some autos, meet Betances and a TTM (I think) of Oliberto.

Another auto, Ty Hensley !!

To finish the overview here are two more cool cards, Cano and Clemens !

Thanks Kenny for an awesome package, hope you like the cards I sent you as well ! Looking forward to our next trade !!

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