Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prospecting: Mark Montgomery

I am not really into prospecting, like I see some others do. However, I never say no to a cool new Yankees card. So when I came across this cool Inception card for a small price I jumped on it. Let's hope he will become an established Yankee at some point in the future ! Meet Mark Montgomery !

I like last year's Inception set, what about you, like it or not ?


  1. I cherry picked all the Pirate prospects out of that set. Looked pretty nice to me.

  2. Not a real fan of the "cloud" effect but I do love the silver signature ones.

  3. Hello there fellow glavine collector. Tried to contact you through email but no answer! Would love to make a trade and based in England Iain

    1. Hi Ian, just send you an e-mail. Always happy to trade !!

  4. Hello there what email address did you send it too? I have nothing on hotmail Iain