Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Starting Nine Trade !!

Last week I received a cool package from Max at Starting Nine, another new trading partner ! This blog really lead to great things, adding trading partner after trading partner...really awesome !! Anyways Max send me a cool package with a lot of pitcher cards as well as a few Yankees. Here´s the loot !!

First up, a couple of early Sabathias !! 2001 TeamBest which I had never seen before so a cool addition to my Sabathia PC !!

Max also send me a cool Blyleven for my Blyleven PC !! A blue Teixeira was also present !

A few Yankees Stadium Legacy cards were there as well, a young Jeter ! Love these cards and trying to complete the set (in the next decade or so given its a set of 6,000 cards !!)

Max also included an awesome purple Triple Threads of Mussina !!

Two more pitchers whom I collect (although at a very casual pace), Lincecum and Verlander !

Last up, the "hit" of the package, a lumberjacks Drew Hanson. Apparently, Drew played a few games for the Yankees before returning to the NFL to pursue a professional career there.

I even forgot to scan some of the cool Glavine cards he send me. All in all a cool package from Max, so thanks very much for the trade !!!

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  1. You're very welcome. Your package got to the Netherlands faster than some packages get from state to state. I look forward to another trade soon.