Monday, August 25, 2014

A box of Panini Prizm

Weeks ago I icked-up a box of Panini Prizm, just for the fun of it ! Never opened one so curious to see what's inside ! Despite the missing logo's I still think they did a fun job with this set. Here's what I got !

Let's start with the base cards, here's Kershaw, a nice card, nothing more nothing less. It has the look and feel of Finest although I like the latter more. Next one is one of the inserts, Rookie Reign!

I also pulled two parallels, a purple one (numbered to /99) and a blue one (numbered to /75)

More inserts, this set has a lot of them, here's Golden Leather ! The purple ones numbered to 99 again.

More inserts ! Diamond Dominance and Next Era !

And even more inserts, Chasing the Hall !

Last-up, the "hits" of the box as each box has 2. I pulled aSyndergaard and Craig auto, both look pretty nice although a shame that the Craig one is a sticker.

That's it folks, plenty of Prizm base to trade and most of the above is for trade as well ! Thanks for visting my blog today !