Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Bob Walk the Plank Trade !!

I recently received a large pile of cool cards, again from one of my regular trading partners Matt at Bob Walk the Plank ! I usually send him the cool Pirates I pull and he sends me piles of Yankees or some of my other favourites. This time it was a huge pile of Sabathia cards with some other cool cards on the side !!

Let's start with Sabathia ! I had never seen the Upper Deck Finite cards before so a cool addition to my Sabathia PC !!

More Sabathia ! A 2002 Topps and a cool 2003 Diamond Kings !

Let me stop here with the Sabathia cards although at least 30 more were included in the package ! A cool relic card of Andruw Jones was also in the pack ! I like the concept of including a games ticket in there as well, Topps should start doing that again !!

Matt included two more cool relic cards !! Another Andruw Jones and a cool Glavine relic !!!

The trade all started with a cool Rizzo cards from this year's Museum Collection. Another cool addition to my Rizzo PC !!

Thanks Matt for another cool trade. Another package with a Box Topper is on its way to you ! Looking forward to the next trade !!


  1. Looking forward to the box topper. Glad you liked everything. Look forward to the next swap.