Sunday, August 31, 2014

A new 1/1 or a scam ??

Let's start with the good news today ! I scored another Glavine 1/1 !!!! The disappointing news, they tricked me in the process. In my rush to score the 1/1 on the cheap I didn't pay attention enough and didn't do any research into the card.

Here's the card. It clearly state it's a 1/1 right !! and I never saw this stamp before so it must be a rare one !!
Well, once you read the additional card that came with it (on the right) it became clear, this is just a guy with a stamp and he only stamps 1 Glavine card, hence it's a 1/1 !!!

In all fairness, there was a small screenshot of the additional card and some "hints" in the listing so I should have paid better attention. I guess these things happen in the life of a Glavine Supercollector !!

Although I only paid a few dollars for it the lesson clearly is, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is !!

You guys ever been tricked like this or am I only dealing with smart bloggers :-))

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  1. If I kick myself about anything, it was a Listia auction I rushed to bid on without looking closer. Yeah, I scored a nice card of the Big Hurt for 100 credits. Then I have to Paypal $1.50 to get it. Stupid me. Like you, I wasn't out much, but a rush to jump on something that was "Selling" really cheap bit me in the ass.