Sunday, August 17, 2014

Loot from Cracking Wax !!

Topher at Crackin Wax recently hosted a group break, breaking lots of Allen & Ginter. Part of the proceeds went to charity as well so absolutely no reason to not participate (in the end $1,200 was raised for charity, well done Topher !!). I grabbed the Braves hoping for some Glavine hits !! Here's the loot !

First up, minis !!!! I am trying to complete the minis sets again, a huge but fun task. Still need to finish previous years but if you have any extra minis to spare I am always happy to trade !!

My goal was to get some Glavine cards, well here they are ! Although I was hoping for a Glavine auto or low-numbered mini :-)

The best loot of the break, from a Braves perspective, was a RIP card !! Most of you followed me Ripping my first ever RIP card a few weeks ago. So to get my hands on a second opportunity to RIP one is awesome !! I will RIP this one and of course dedicate a seperate post to the event !!

In addition to the RIP card, my "hit" of the break was this McGann relic. I thought he is playing for the Yankees so maybe we see him in A&G in a Yankees uniform in a few years ! This one is for trade !

I think some bonus packs were also included in the break as I also received a Topps Series 2 insert and a few 2014 Archives cards.

Let's finish with two more cards !! I actually pulled an Auto, some Twins fan, probably keep the card as he also likes Nirvana and the Pumkins :-))

That's it, another cool break, looking forward to next year. Thanks very much Topher !


  1. Holy cow, did those cards JUST get to you! Yipes! Sorry it took the post so long to deliver! Hope they all got there safely. Thanks again for joining! Hope to see you in the Bowman Chrome break :)

    1. Well, was on holiday for 2 weeks so posting a bit late :-))