Friday, August 15, 2014

Back from Holiday with 2 redemptions waiting for me !!

Just got back from holiday with a high stack of yellow bubble mailers waiting for me, the best part of coming home !! I will come back in the coming days with all the goodies from these bubble mailers. I also will come back to all the e-mails you send me in the last few weeks with trade suggestons etc !!

In the pack that was waiting for me there was also one from Topps, 2 of my redemptions !!!!

The first one was a very cool Sabathia from this year's Topps Supreme, a set that only came out in Asia apparently, and which has some awesome looking cards in it. I recently got myself a Rizzo so when a saw the Sabathia Redemption I jumped on it. Here it is !!

Let's hope that Sabathia will also overcome his pitching problems in the coming period !!

Next up was an even better card !! This usually means a Kershaw, Glavine, Blyleven or Rizzo card. Well, it was a beautiful Glavine from this year's Museum Collection. One of the framed gold-bordered ones, very heavy and a very cool one !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. More to come soon including another RIP card !!


  1. Nice Glavine. Another rip - WHAAAAAAAAAA?

  2. I love the framed cards. Very nice!

  3. Two rip cards. Very nice. I still have 4 redemptions pending from Topps