Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Breaking a Box of 2012 Cooperstown !!

The last box in this box breaking series of the last 10 days or so is a box of 2012 Cooperstown. I actually thought that the 2012 Cooperstown set was a cool one and I am still trying to complete some of the inserts !! At the same time, this box yielded me a lot of doubles so if you need any of the base cards do let me know ! Now let's see what was in the box !!

First up a few of the base cards, just to get a feel !

This set has plenty of inserts. I like the Famous Moments ones although the silk Yogi Berra is also a nice one !

More inserts ! Induction and Credentials inserts, I find these a bit boring to be honest...

Anyone need one of the codes, not sure if they are still valid but I can't use them as I am not a "local" so first come first serve !!

Three more of the insert, some cool ones included !!

All in all a fun break ! Have plenty of base cards to trade so let me know in case you are interested !

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