Monday, September 22, 2014

Breaking a box of Donruss !

Together with the Chrome box I showed a few days ago I was able to get a cheap Donruss box. Not a big fan of the Donruss set but it was cheap so couldn't resist ! Here's the loot !!

Let's start with the "hits" !! I was very lucky to pull a "Dutch" auto, Profar !!!! Also a Morse, which is for trade !

Although I am not a fan of the basecards, the set does have some cool inserts. Here's Sandoval and Ripken !

Two Parallels, Press Proof and one other which I have no clue what to call !

Two more inserts, "Hall Worthy" !!

I like these Rookie inserts !! Here's Flores (I witness his debut live at Citi field !) and Rupp

One last hit in the box, a Dirks Jersey, which is for trade !

That's it, hope you enjoyed it. If you are looking for any Donruss let me know as I have a pile for trade !!