Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Breaking a box of Finest !

I recently opened a box of Finest !! I love Finest although I do struggle with the price a bit. Still, one box every few years we can do !! Here's what I got !!

Let's start with a few base cards for my Yankees collection !! Jeter and Tanaka !!

Another Jeter so a Jeter hot box !! A very cool Billy Hamilton, numbered to only 10 !! Noticed one go for over $40 so might get something for it !! Not sure how I will go about but recently opened a COMC mailbox so might add this one to it !

Two more cool insert cards ! Abreu and Cabrera !!

The box also contained a few numbered cards, here's two of them !

Another cool insert Finest Vintage !! Love the Ryan !! A Refractor was in the pack as well !

Let's move to the two "hits" of the box. autos from Bethancourt and Castellanos, both for trade !!

That it for my box of Finest, not great but a decent one ! Yuo guys opening any Finest ?

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  1. For Finest that is a really good box. Pulling two well know rookie autos plus the Hamilton. The only thing that would have made it better is if you would have pulled a Gregory Polanco for trade :)