Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Japanese anyone ??

A while back I came across a cool Rizzo card from Topps Supreme. I think this was the first Topps Supreme (early 2014) which was only released in Japan and/or Asia at that time before the launch of the more recent set in the US (4Q2014).

An awesome card, in my book, but I could use some help with the translation on the front !! Interestingly the back is all in English so the use of the Japanese language was sporadic. Also, note that it is my guestimate that it's Japanese, it might as well be another Asian language !

Thanks for your help or simply your visit to my blog today !


  1. チエストー

    That's a really cool card. I would love to pick up some of those Supreme cards. I've been watching Munenori Kawasaki's Supreme autographs on eBay, but haven't yet been able to stomach the price tag on them.

  2. I think it reads:

    "Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto, for doing the jobs that nobody wants to"

    I could be wrong. :)

  3. I'd love to help but blogger isn't showing me what you're trying to show. I'll help when I get back to the states.

  4. If you're referring to the big kanji across the top, it says "infielder". That is all.

  5. Ugh. /checks eBay for similar Pirates cards. Very unique card!

  6. Thanks guy for all your comments, "infielder" it is !!