Friday, January 30, 2015

Trading with the Brits !

I have a couple of baseball card contacts and trading partners in the United Kingdom, always cool to be in contact with collectors in Europe as we don't have many ! Recently one of them, John from the blog Pursuit of 80s contacted me as he had some nice cards for me in store so a trade was quickly born ! His package arrived a few days ago.

John helped me put a dent in my Topps Flagship 2013 and 2014 insert needs. Still not complete but I am now nicely on my way ! First up, the best insert set in 2013, Cut to the Chase ! Curious to see if A-Rod will ever play for the Yankees again. I never really liked him so fine with me if he doesn't show up anymore and the Yankees give other people a chance !

Next up, the best insert set of Topps 2014, Before they were great ! Love this Ryan card !

John send me even more inserts. Here's Wacha and Rizzo !!!

More inserts ! Saberstars and a mini !!

Let's finish with another cool insert, Jackie Robinson

All in all a very cool package, thanks so much John !! A return package will soon be on its way !!

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