Sunday, January 11, 2015

Awesome package from William !

Some of you might remember that I pulled a A&G RIP card (or actually two last year) and from one of them came a Chris Davis high-numbered mini. Clearly this card was something for William at Foul Bunt. Due to the fact that I was swamped with a lot of (work) stuff I contacted William only recently but of course in the end a great trade was born ! Here's a few cards that William send me.

The trade was mainly around a pink mini. Yes, today pink is my favourite color !! Meet my favourite, still active, pitcher, Clayton Kershaw !! All in pink and numbered to only 25 !!

It's getting harder and harder to (super) collect Kershaw, more on that in a future post, so this is a great addition to my Kershaw Collection !!

William also send me a bunch of extras, awesome extras !! Here's are two cool Blyleven cards !

First one is a 1981 Topps card and the second one some kind of stamp ? Any hint on the origin of the second one is very welcome as the back is simply blank !!

William also included my favourite (ex) Yankees pitcher, Rivera ! This one from Topps Update if I am not mistaken. He also included a bunch of Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan cards, probably the two pitchers I would more seriously collect if I weren't so busy with my Glavine, Blyleven, Kershaw and Rizzo collections !

A few more Kershaw cards were included, these two are new additions so very happy with those. Both from Topps Update if I am not mistaken.

Although a bunch more cards were included in the pack let's finish with two more Blyleven cards, the Flying Dutchman !!

Many thanks William for an awesome package. Hope you like the return package and I am already looking forward to a future trade !!